Hello friends!  I am Naomi Chau, and I will be a contributing member to Underground OC.

What is Underground OC?

We are a group of 6 students who will publish our work in regards to the Hot Spots of OC, including many known and unknown locations.  This will be our main blog where you guys can keep up with our behind-the-scenes work.  Our main goal will be to publish a book; so welcome!  And here is a bit about myself (other members will be introduced through a span of weeks so be on the lookout for that!):

I am the organizer.  I make sure all members are on task, completing their jobs with dedication, and organize all things with Underground OC.

I have always had a passion for organization because it paves things to be easier, accessible, and keeps myself on task.  Being in high school, I’ve learned the importance and benefits of organization.  While many of my friends wait until last minute and procrastinate, I try my best to plan things out so there is no unnecessary stress added to my life.  ORAGANIZATION (& hard work) is the KEY to surviving High School smoothly. I’ve been the secretary of a couple clubs on my school’s campus so you could say my organization skills are on point.  The main things I use for organization are:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Google Forms

Basically, all things with Google drive because I do own a chromebook; and everything with Drive makes things easily accessible and shared.

I would love to increase my organization skills so do you guys have any organization tools I could use?  If so, comment below!

So yup, I may be the organizer, but I hope I don’t come off as a control freak.  (I secretly may be one but not in a bad way.)

Bye guys!! See ya soon 🙂


The Organizer


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