Hey readers! My name is Cynthia Nguyen, and I am one of six representatives from Underground OC dedicated to unveiling OC’s coolest spots.

In Underground OC, I am responsible for the editing/words/writing. When it came to choosing roles within the group, there was no doubt in my mind as to which one I wanted. My decision was writing, all the way. It’s occurred to me that not many people enjoy a task like writing, but for me, writing has definitely always been an irreplaceable getaway.

I know for a fact that I got my love for writing from my mom, who I always knew was or would be a poet in some other lifetime. I remember going to the beach with her every Sunday to just relax and hang, but instead of bringing books, we brought loads of pen and paper. I don’t EVER remember experiencing a dull moment sitting there on the beach for hours on end, just writing to my heart’s content.

Writing was a safe haven that I knew I could ALWAYS count on. Writing was my sanctuary, and mommy was my muse. Seeing her so caught up in writing about anything and everything, shutting the world out for as long as she could, and filling endless journals with her thoughts, no matter how small, was what inspired me to keep writing, even when I didn’t have anything to say. Mom always said that the best way to get my feelings out is through writing. She said that you can never go wrong with a trusty pen and paper.

It’s no wonder as to why words was my first choice when it came to my interests and strengths. It’s always been such a big part of my life, and even now that I’m older, I can’t let it go.

The last thing I want to do is let my other team members down because in reality, we’re all in this together. I hope I didn’t disappoint with this post and I hope I don’t disappoint with my future blogs.

Please tune in next time for some more one on one time with me! Until next time readers~



The Writer


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