Hi guys! I’m Andrew Doan and I’m one of the members of Underground OC.

In our group, I’m in charge of anything technologically related, ranging from our social media sites to operating our camera equipment.

Every since I was a child, I loved to play video games. When my uncle got his Xbox when it first came out, I was next to him almost every weekend, watching him play Halo. I suppose that he has been my inspiration to become technologically savvy. He always seemed to know which computer was best, how to use every kind of software, and about all the newest gadgets. As I grew up, I tried to emulate him back reading about computers and new tech, which led to me becoming our technician. When I work with computers or a new program, time just seems to disappear. I could spend hours just playing around with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. It just comes to me in a sort of intuition. I always seem to know how to operate technology, no matter how new or different it is.

I hope you guys follow our blog and have a nice day!

Andrew Doan



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