Hey guys! Before I straight up tell you what I do in the group, let’s see if you can guess. (:<

Ever since I was a child, I was always drawing on my journal, my desk (which wasn’t exactly the best place to doodle now that I think about it), my mom’s journal, on my friend’s face, etc. Having an artist as your dad painting/drawing all the time and having his huge landscapes/genre paintings on our walls, it kind of inspires you. For me, drawing became an endless habit and sometimes, it was somewhere to go to just let my mind flow.

Guess what. It doesn’t stop there. Projects. Everyone has their own problems with them and I remember back in middle school and the years before that, I’d hear the whole class groan when the teacher would bring it up. I used to looove projects. You may think I’m crazy but it’s not as bad as you think it would be if you always ended up with the part you wanted with (plus of course with a bit of…a lot of researching on the side). As for me, that was designing the poster board, coming up with OG titles, and giving our project the finished glam. Of course, now being a junior, projects can be a drag but being able to do something I like to do along everything else evens things out.

So. You probably guessed it by now. I’m the designer. (:

The designer of the Underground OC. That sounds so cool. Am I right or am I right. God a name plate would be so nice.


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