USA Nationals at the Anaheim CC

¨I remember walking into the huge stadium, realizing that it’s been months since our first competition. The lights blinded me right before my eyes adjusted to the stage. No one was up there yet but you could still feel the energy coming from the stage. Judges had a high position, the stage was immense, and along with our goals. We continued to walk towards the locker room as we looked around with awe.¨

– USA Nationals written by Bree Lee

In the essay entitled USA Nationals, Bree Lee explains in fantastic detail the physical setting of and the emotional feelings she received from the Anaheim Convention Center when she went there to compete with the FVHS Dance Team.  In part, her awe may have been a result of the adrenaline rushing through her body, making her excited.  But let’s not forget, she was nervous as she stepped into the stadium from the competition aspect and edifice structure itself.

¨Each and every one of us did what we could to get ourselves prepared. To get to this moment. One whole year of practice for three minutes. I smile as this thought comes across me. I had only one word in response. Worth. My heart started beating faster again realizing we were closer than ever to accomplishing our goal as a team.¨

The Anaheim Convention Center is a grand building located in Anaheim, CA, right across the street from Disney’s CA Adventure Theme Park.  The building holds multiple events throughout the year ranging from Anime Expo, when cos-playing is at its finest, to VIDCON, an annual event where YouTube Celebrities can meet their fans.  If you are looking for an arena of all things Disney (including the inside scoop to future projects), then the D23 Expo at the convention is the place for you.

Sebastian (our Social Media butterfly) with famous YouTuber, Miranda Sings at VIDCON 2014

Sebastian (our Social Media butterfly) with famous YouTuber, Miranda Sings at VIDCON 2014

Alongside, as you may have inferred, the convention center holds competitions and meetings for both local and nationwide groups, including but not limited to High School Dance Teams, Leadership Conventions, Star Wars Celebrations, and Badminton Tournaments.

The building may seem intimidating at first due to its size, but its size is the reason why individuals are coming together to interact and communicate.  Thus, with the variety of events occurring at the convention center, there are a variety of feelings created.  In Bree’s case, there are the jitters to good vibes.

¨Our team carried out every single detail with everything we had. Three words were repeated over and over in my head until the song was over. Facials. Formation. Choreography. Facials. Formation. Choreography. I could feel the energy of my teammates. Thrilling.¨


FVHS Dance team at USA Nationals

If you happen to want to experience an event hosted at the Anaheim Convention Center, below are some dates/seasons of some events!

  • Disney’s D23 Expo: near the end of summer to transition of Fall (2015 date: August 14-16)
  • Anime Expo: midsummer (2015 date: July 2nd-5th)
  • Wondercon: springtime (2015 date: April 3-5)
  • VIDCON: summer (2015 date: TBD)

PS If you are planning on attending, get your tickets months in advance for most events (especially the popular ones) because they can sell out quick!

Check out this website for any other events that may interest you:

Written By:

Naomi Chau

Sidenote of the writing/revision process of the essay:

In writing the essay, the revision process of peer reviews helped immensely in identifying any errors.  Receiving feedback from our peers was really beneficial for us to understand what needs improvement.


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