Hello, lovelies! ♥ How are you? Great? Fantastic!

So, where do I begin? Well, my name is Hannah Nguyen and I look like that picture up there, but with short hair now. I donated around 12 inches of my hair last April for a great cause!

I spend most of my time in school or playing tennis. I absolutely love tennis. When I’m not at school or playing tennis, I’m constantly on the internet. I’m always on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and all sorts of social medias! I love exploring the internet and connecting with my friends and family through the web. I always find something new that fascinates me on the internet. So if you haven’t guessed already, I am the social media person of this group along with my friend, Sebastian Luna.

I haven’t really noticed it until recently, but I realized that I go on YouTube and watch videos by Bubzbeauty and Kurt Hugo Schneider everyday just like it’s a daily routine. Bubzbeauty always tells her viewers that they’re perfect just the way they are. She’s just a gorgeous bundle of joy. Whenever I feel upset, I find it impossible to not smile while watching her videos. On the other hand, Kurt Hugo Schneider posts creative music videos. He seems to never run out of amazing ideas. He works with other talented YouTube singers. It’s just impossible to get tired of the songs he covers. I guess you can say that they inspire me to someday post videos that will make everybody happy whether it’s just being silly in front of a camera or singing. (: Being on the internet is just somewhere that people can express themselves.

So this post is getting a bit longer than I anticipated it to be. Oops, sorry! I guess I’ll end it here so that you guys don’t get too bored. Feel free to comment! I hope that all of you come back and hopefully we’ll be your inspiration for something some day. Have a great day! Keep smiling. (:


The social media chick ♥


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