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HI! HI! Hello! Hello! I’m Sebastian Luna (follow me on twitter @sebbbyyyy) and i’m the second half of the social media team for Underground OC. A little bit about me, I’ve been an avid user of the internet ever since i got my own laptop when i was 10, and immediately fell in love with all things Youtube. By far Youtube has changed my life for the better, even influenced my career path decisions, and now i want to help people by spreading the word through all the amazing apps and gadgets the internet has to offer.

Although my family isn’t the most tech-savvy group of people ever, they know how great social media can be and think i’ll make a lot of money just because i use twitter (yeah i know lol). Social media and video games has always been my escape from the world, a bubble where no one can bother me or tell me i’m wrong because, and the greatest thing about a majority of the internet, you are in direct control of everything! Someone bothers you? Blocked. Someone is an amazing person and talks to you? Added. Simple, done, and an easy way to make so many connections with so many different people.

I hope I an make a connection with all of you as i help my group anyway I can, making new friendships and sharing all our creativity together~

Happy Reading,



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