Dinner at GEN

Gen Korean BBQ House is a great place if you want AYCE Korean BBQ with great food, fast service, and clean facilities. Especially because it’s conveniently next to Bella Terra in Huntington Beach, California, it’s an awesome pick after a hangout.

There are several Gens outside of Orange County but this one in particular will make you want to come back hands down. $20 for quality meat is definitely worth it.

From the moment you walk in, one or two waiters welcome you already making you feel at home. Obviously if you step into a new place, the first thing you do is observe and critic/compliment it. If you compare this location with the one in Tustin per say, it feels and looks more spacious with high ceilings and vases to compliment the interior of the location. The design here is one of the things that make this kbbq house different than the rest.

The wait can be super long so I recommend your arrival to be before 6 PM but if you come at its peak hours, no big deal because I assure you, it’s worth the wait.

By the time they take you to your table, your hunger for food will double–courtesy to the smell of barbecue everywhere. They give you a few moments to order and after you order your food and drink, the waiters constantly check up on you so you’ll never have be the one looking for them or  have the awkward “ah-uh-excu…” stuff happening. They’re extremely attentive and fast. With the generous amount of side dishes surrounding the grill and the large amount of options you can get on their menu, I promise you, your heart will leave feeling content.  l (2)

How many times have you left a Korean barbecue place feeling and smelling like what just went down your mouth? It smells great off my clothes but I’m not sure you want to be walking around smelling like food but Gen has a lot of ventilation that gets rid of that for you. If you have room for dessert, they have macaron ice cream for $3.25 or you could grab some milk candy on the way out. As for me green tea is my personal favorite–a temptation I’ll never be able to pass up.l

Written by: Bree Lee



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