Zero Degrees


Hey guys! Do you really like Italian Ice? Well, I think Zero Degrees is the perfect place to go! There is a great vibe and there are various flavors that it’s hard to choose which one you might want. The shop always plays current top hits. I personally love singing to them with my friends whenever we go. The workers are really nice too. I love going to Zero Degrees, whether it’s with my family, or with my friends. You can even go by yourself! It’s open pretty late too, so if you have work, you can go there after work. It’s been really hot lately, so why not treat yourself at Zero Degrees? There’s much more than just Italian Ice. Do you like boba? They’ve got that too. The jars are super cute, if you want one it’s just $1.50 extra, which is a pretty good deal.

Do you guys love taking pictures of food and posting them to show to your friends? I know I do. I went the other week, and I can never get tired of it. Actually, right now, I’m craving some Italian Ice right now.

Need a place for a first date? A place to hang out with friends and family? A place to get away from the heat? This is your place. I hope you guys try it some day. Please feel free to leave your comments once you do try it! Or if you have tried it, what do you think about Zero Degrees? Good right? I know. (: Have a nice day lovelies!



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