The Bell Game


It’s the one event that only locals know about: the Bell game. The Bell game is an annual football match between Edison High School and Fountain Valley High School. The rivalry has grown from a small interschool competition to an event on a massive scale, with school hosting fantastic pep rallies and ASB putting in tremendous amounts of work in covering the school in posters. As a student from FVHS, I’m always pumped up even though I know we are probably going to lose. Every day leading up to the Bell game, our ASB and Senate work tirelessly to cover the school in bells and posters. Every day is a different dress up day, varying each year but always including Edison Nerd Day. Everyone who has ever been to FVHS, or even just lives in the general area, always shows up for the Bell game, from 60 year old alumni, to 5 year old toddlers.

The Glow Show, which is an afterschool nighttime pep rally, always gets me and everyone else hyped up for the game tomorrow. It’s reminiscent of an old 20th century political rally, with our leaders (football captains) raising the spirits and building excitement for the coming game. The suspenseful music, the flashing lights, the roar of cheering as the football players run out: this is the exhilaration that the Bell game brings every year. At the actual game, it is always disappointing to see the Fountain Valley team come so close to victory, but never able to pull through and win. That isn’t the point though. The Bell game is an epitome of school spirit and its the feelings of camaraderie and community that make the game the spectacular event it is.

Andrew Doan


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