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The title says it all.



Naomi: (so kawaii)

Favorite sentence from Narrative: “I just wanted to go home and lay in my bed.”

Purpose: The purpose of my Behind the Wheel essay was to share my first Behind the Wheel test experience, along with my feelings during and as a result of it.

Song: Turn It Around by Lucius


Turn It Around by Lucius is a good representation of my first DMV driving test experience because it relates to the obstacles a person encounters as he or she ages.  The title, “Turn It Around,” can refer to the telescope, when the song states, “She’s looking through the wrong end of the telescope.” This means that one may have much more problems than using a telescope, thus the difficult encounters one may face as age passes by should be taken through the perspective of turning around the telescope, and looking at the other end (the right end).  My obstacle, my driving test, made me feel angry and dejected.  However, this song reminds me that I need to “Turn Around” my perspective and acknowledge that whatever happened that day is okay.  I am still here, and I can always retake my driving test.


Andrew:(ni1ce glasses)

Favorite sentence from Narrative: Save after save I made, amazing even myself, until Ryan stepped up to the ball.

Purpose: The purpose of my essay is to share my experience about coming back into competitive sports after a long break.

Song: We Are the Champions by Queen


In the song ¨We are the Champions¨ by Queen, Freddie Mercury sings about overcoming his struggles and becoming ¨the champions¨. The song relates to my narrative essay, which is about overcoming the different challenges I face when coming back into playing soccer as the goalie, since both the essay and song are about beating the competition and winning despite all odds. The feelings of joy and jubilance I had when my team finally won our first game are similar to how Freddie Mercury felt as he sang about ¨fame and fortune and everything that goes with it¨. What I experienced was almost exactly the same as Freddie Mercury since he is the lead singer of his band, the most important position, and II saved our team in the penalty kick as the goalie, which is was the most important position on a soccer team.


Bree:(best pics)

Favorite sentence from Narrative: I had only one word in response.

Purpose: The purpose of my essay was to share the experience of being at a serious dance competition with a goal to achieve.

Song: Copy and Paste by BoA


Our team had freshmen ready to make their reputation. Our team had seniors wanting to give their final all. I wanted to reach the highest I could that day. We walked into the stadium and were ready to be “born into perfection.” Months and months of practice for three minutes gave us a “confidence with a reason” and it was no longer a “fantasy” we were dreaming of. It was reality. These lyrics exactly described the way we were all becoming “that shining blue star”. As a team, we believed that we gave everything we had as the audience would feel the sensation we had been preparing for since the beginning of the season. The song “Copy and Paste” isn’t something I would listen to over and over but when I was in middle school, BoA was someone I looked up to. When I first heard this song, I got chills and goosebumps both. It was quiet and yet mesmerizing. I wanted to give that to the audience. I wanted them to leave remembering us and knowing what we are. Worth.


Sebastian:(do i even have to say)

Favorite sentence from Narrative: My mind would always race whenever I’d hear a sound in the house, now that it was dark out I could only make up horrible scenarios in my head, instead of realizing what was actually going on, which was just me watching Netflix in the dining room.

Purpose:To describe my experience dog-sitting and staying home alone for the first time.

Song: 1989 by Superfruit

Explanation: During my night alone at my grandparents house, I experienced pretty much all the emotions humanly possible.  Excitement at the start of the night, jealousy of my dog and its freedom, love for the pizza I ordered, and absolute terror when i thought someone was breaking in. The song i chose is actually a cover of an album by my two favorite singers, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, where they incorporate each song  the new 1989 album by Taylor Swift into a beautiful mashup. I chose such a large song to represent my essay because it shows all the emotions that i experienced, and with these two singers you can hear the emotion in each note. My favorite of the songs would be “Welcome to New York” because it represents the freedom and excitement of venturing to new places and doing new things. Ironically “Wildest Dreams,” another favorite,  says repeats the phrase “remember me” and when I thought I was being attacked that’s all I could think of!

Cynthia:(nice kimono)

Favorite sentence from Narrative: Will they understand if I mess up?

Purpose: The purpose of my essay is to share a “crazy kid” moment, that everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime, which still haunts me today.

Song: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know by Selena Gomez

“Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” by Selena Gomez is a song that tells the story of how she is tired of constantly being told the same thing. It relates to my narrative essay experience of my piano recital because of the idea of wanting to be told things that we already don’t know. Because twelve of my older cousins and my older sister made a successful debut at their first piano recital, I was always told that I had to do just as well, or even better. Like the main chorus of the song, I just wanted to be told something that I didn’t already know. There was so much pressure from my older siblings, and I really didn’t want to be compared to them. After my horrible piano recital, my parents always reminded me of how bad I did by telling all their friends the embarrassing story. They still tell me how bad I did and I can’t help but ask them to tell me something I don’t know.


Hannah:(gr8 food)

Favorite sentence from Narrative: “I didn’t know that tennis would bring me so much trouble.”

Purpose: The purpose of my essay was to show the frustration I went through that day.

Song: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift


On this day, I was being told what to do and I basically had no control of my life. My coach kept on giving me a hard time and telling me to play singles, even though I was injured. In this song, Taylor Swift says that you shouldn’t care about what the other people say. You should do the things your way and “shake it off.” The beat of this song is really upbeat and usually, during tennis, I’m supposed to feel upbeat. However, I felt down because I felt like my coach was pushing me down. I feel like this song would be giving me advice.

“’Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

I shake it off, I shake it off”

This part of the song, the chorus, makes me feel like I shouldn’t care about what the coach says and suit myself.


Until next time!
-Underground OC





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