Class 302


I know what you’re thinking, and no. it’s not a school.

Class 302 is a Taiwanese cafe on Culver Drive in Irvine, California. The name comes from the classroom decor and food options, which makes this place unique. I mean, instead of tables, you’re eating at school desks. You can’t get more unique than that. There are several items on their menu, like a bento box with various fillings or soups served in thermos that add to that classroom feeling given off by the cafe. The bento boxes are freshly made, releasing a mouth-watering scent as the lid is lifted and the steam rises off the perfectly cooked rice, delicious steamed vegetables, and crisp and juicy fried chicken.These specialty items, along with teenage favorites like milk tea with boba and popcorn chicken, make Class 302 a hidden gem in the Irvine Marketplace.


Although I’m still in high school and don’t speak Taiwanese, Class 302’s decor evokes feelings of reminscence of my childhood. The cartoon characters and the red envelopes my family would always pass out on Chinese New Year. Anyone, whether they’re Asian or not, will simply love this place because of the memories the decor evokes or because of the amazing food they serve here.


The cafe’s close proximity to University of California: Irvine means that this place is always busy though, so be ready to wait a little bit if you come during prime time. A few minutes is nothing though, when you think about the savory delicacies that come flowing out of the kitchen, so be sure to check out Class 302 the next time you’re in Irvine.

Andrew Doan


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