I scream for Afters!

After’s ice cream isn’t your typical ice cream parlor- okay maybe it is, depending on your experience with ice cream shops. What makes After’s the hype, however, is its well known milky bun: a large scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two donut buns.  Now, if that doesn’t scream diabetes, I don’t know what does.  But, let me tell you guys this, the milky bun actually is delicious and desirable.  One day after my first time of eating the milky bun, I began craving the scrumptious dessert.

The milky buns aren’t the only specialty at After’s.  The ice cream flavors at the parlor range from a creamy, buttery cookie butter flavor to a classic jasmine milk tea flavor.  Oh!  And don’t forget the Vietnamese coffee-a truly cultural flavor.  The ice cream flavors when combined with the warm donut create a concoction of sweetness that would melt in your mouth.

Grabbing ice cream with your friends is always a great way for bonding, studying, or talking over life problems of

“What did you get on the test?” to “What did I do wrong?” to “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe she did that.”

Cookie Monster milky bun (left) & Strawberry cookie scooped atop of Jasmine Milk Tea (right)

After’s cream is located in Fountain Valley, CA and has been open for almost 1 year.  The young age ice cream shop is still growing today, with a branched out ice cream truck to serve their flavors after hours.  If you want to check out more of their flavors, check out http://aftersicecream.com/ or simply search the hashtag #aftersicecream on Instagram!




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