Metro Pointe


Hello world! Looking for a place to hang out with your friends? Got no where to go when you have free time? Well, you guys should drop by Metro Pointe! There’s so many places you can go to in this area. If you need to eat, there’s places Boudin SF, The Flame Broiler, and much more. It’s a very peaceful area. Do you like to read? They have a great Barnes & Noble. Not into reading? Well, there’s places to shop at too. Nordstrom Rack has some really nice clothing for affordable prices. Their DSW Shoes shop is very large. It’s almost hard to pick just one pair of shoes while shopping. Personally, I love getting Jamba Juice, then going shopping. (:

Metro Pointe also has a very nice theater. You can go on a dinner date, then go watch a movie! It’s pure genius. Need a place to get away from all the drama in your life? Go to Metro Pointe? Need something? Go to Metro Pointe. Metro Pointe is your answer. (: Metro Pointe is definitely a place that should be on your to go list. Hope y’all go some day! Have a nice day. ❤



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