Diamond Jamboree


Diamond Jamboree is a food lover’s paradise, there’s no getting around it. My family and I always go there, whether we are craving a quick snack or a filling meal. The little plaza has a plethora of shops packed into it, with bakeries, restaurants, and beauty stores filling out the bottom level, and bars and karaoke parlors on the second floor.


Most of the food is from an Asian culture, but there are a few bakeries and a Kickin’ Krab that appeal to people who aren’t a fan of Asian food, or are simply looking to mix things up. For people who do like Asian food, the options are endless. There is a restaurant serving food from every culture, from Taiwanese to Japanese to Chinese to Korean. Every single restaurant serves its own unique kind of food, like ramen or barbecue. One of the best places there is Urban Seoul, a Korean-Latin fusion restaurant. Everything on their menu is a specialty that few other places serve, like golbi tacos, watermelon basil lemonade, and fried japchae, which is a fritter made of glass noodles. The golbi tacos are made with in a sweet Korean sauce that is complemented  by great texture from shredded carrots that give a satisfying crunch, making for a delicious dish. Every bite is, for lack of a better word, a foodgasm.


Another famous place is 85º C Bakery. It is a Taiwanese bakery that specializes in cakes and pastries, and is popular around the world. The most popular item on their menu, not counting their baked deliciousness, is by far their sea salt coffee. The combination of a salty foam on top, and a rich, smooth coffee with endless layers is as good as ice cream on a hot summer day. If there is one thing you try at Diamond Jamboree, this should be it.

Andrew Doan


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