Irvine Spectrum

Hello Humans!

Do you love food? what’s that, you’re human so its an obvious yes? Then you need to check out Irvine Spectrum!

Located in (you guessed it) Irvine, Orange County, one of the largest shopping centers, it has everything from a movie theater to a target to a Ferris Wheel. There’s something for everyone to enjoy! Personally i love the movies, and it has one of the largest and most comfortable theaters around.

Though the theater is always a fun place to go, the numerous clothing, gaming, and various stores in the plaza give you easy access to whatever you may be searching for. As you walk from store to store, there are various vendors in carts selling those nicely priced souvaniers or phone cases that are always worth the buck. Whenever I visit its a must to check out their three story Nordstroms, mainly because of Nordstroms cafe, but the clothes are fabulous as well.

As I said at the beginning, the amount and variety of food places this place has is like heaven on earth. It has EVERYTHING. As you walk in the main entrance, there’s a Ruby’s, P.F. Chang’s, and my absolute favorite place Tender Greens. Not to mention the Starbucks next door. But it doesn’t stop there, fine dining and smaller places to eat such as Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and Corner Bakery are also sprinkled around the plaza. If you’re in the mood for something more fun, this place even has a Dave & Busters. I know right. Be ready to release your inner child here!


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