Bella Terra at a Glance Part 2!

Feeling hungry? Well, make sure you bring money when you go to BT so you can try out something new. Each dine out/restaurant style and foods are completely different so you’ll be able to find anything! 
Whether it’s going to be a fancy restaurant like the Cheesecake Factory or a simple dine out like Johnny Rockets or if you’re a huge sports fan, Buffalo Wild Wings is the place for you. The different food choices they have at Bella Terra, you’ll never leave feeling unsatisfied. Unless of course, you’re looking for something out of the modern American culture, but then again… what about some sushi? (; 


Maybe you’ll even want to read a book or two before you leave or maybe right before your friend(s) and/or date arrive!


What about a place to study? If you’re anything like me, I can’t finish anything at home so I always have to go out and isolate myself from familiar things to concentrate. There are more than just a couple places you can go to at Bella Terra. #productivenessorwhut



-to be continued (more about the stores)-

-Bree Lee-


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