Snow Monster



Hey lovelies! As you can tell, I’m a food junkie. Are you? Hopefully you guys went to go try Tebo Tebo Tea House from my last blog post. Need a new spot? Well, I’m here to help you out! There’s this wonderful place in Westminster called Snow Monster.

It’s such a wonderful place. Even though it’s beginning to get chilly outside, who can resist? Snow Monster has a variety of foods and beverages that you can enjoy. There’s boba, macarons, shaved snow, and ice cream. It’s like a dessert paradise for me and hopefully will be for you too.

Snow Monster has such a nice environment. The workers are very nice and the customers are always smiling. Snow Monster would be a great place for a date. I mean ice cream for two? How cute! Just like in the movies. (;

For all teens out there… You guys like taking trendy pictures and posting them on instagram right? Well, why not take a picture of the macaron ice cream? Maybe your boba that you’ve gotten at Snow Monster? Once you get a chance, you should tag us in the picture @undrgrnd_oc

Snow Monster plays popular hist of today. No worries, they’re the clean versions. When I went to Snow Monster for the first time, i was so impressed by everything! You can to-go your boba in a massive jar for an extra small charge. It is totally worth it! I can honestly say that they have the best boba, especially their thai tea, I’ve ever had. Whenever I get it, it feels as if my cheeks get rosy just by one little sip.

I can’t wait to show off this place to my family. I know that they’ll love it. I hope you lovelies will try it before the end of this year! Feel free to leave a comment about anything. Have a wonderful day!

Hannah. xx (:


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