CRAVE \(*^*)/

Oh god. Someone hold my jacket cause I’m CRAVing CRAVE soo much, I’m gonna sprint there right now.

Heh. See whut I did there. (;

Anyways, It’s amazing place to stop by after going to the market with your mom cause of course. It’ll be just so relaxing after following your mom around, trying out all the samples in the store. Am I right, or am I right?

Everything they have is super relaxing –and refreshing.

The furniture inside makes you feel happy cause everything looks so perfect!

Then you get the food. Oh god. It’s practically heaven in your mouth. A lot of boba places taste the same so I recommend the pat-bean-su. It’s a korean dessert. Kind of like ice cream except the texture feels like snow. The way it just melts in your mouth. God I can taste it now. It’s also topped with fruits, mochi, a scoop of ice cream, and red bean. And no. Not actual beans. That’d be gross.
It’s actually very sweet and…trust me. There’s no way to explain it but to try it yourself.


–Bree Lee–


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