Fountain Valley Heritage Park


The Heritage Park is a little hidden gem in Fountain Valley run by the FV Historical Society. Obscured by the giant FV public library next to it, I only found out about the Heritage Park from volunteer work with my high school’s KIWIN’S club. We often go there to help with the events they host or clean up the grounds. One of the better events they host is an ice cream social, where people can visit the beautiful park, which is usually closed to the public, and enjoy a delicious sundae.


Inside the historical society are tons of historical artifacts and memorials about Fountain Valley. There are many plaques and monuments dedicated to influential Fountain Valley residents, a wall of the name of the park’s sponsors, and a memorial erected for veterans of Fountain Valley. Inside the actual building are museum quality pieces like a miniature of the city of Fountain Valley and old maps from the founding of the city. There are also many farm tools given to the park from sponsors like Suzuki and even a functioning phonograph. All of these artifacts shows that even a tiny suburban town like Fountain Valley is rich in history.

Andrew Doan


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