Hello Humans!

On a very Wednesday Dec. 3, I had the chance to go on a field trip with the school and some of my friends to UCI, or University of California, Irvine. It was my very first time on a college campus, let alone an entire tour, so i was very excited to see a possible place for me to study! Home to the more than 28,000 students, the Anteaters are ranked number one in schools established less than 50yrs ago, and are one of the highest ranked overall colleges, including both public and private schools.

During my personal visit there, I realized how truly stunning the campus looked as a whole. Not only were the buildings beautiful with vibrant colors and numerous architect designs, there’s a large park that runs through the entire campus. And of course there’s wifi, even in the park. Throughout the tour, I was amazed by the number of fields one could study at UCI, and the amount of students and professors that studied there that went on to do amazing things, some even winning noble prizes! I also have to say their dorms are really big too, and the name of one of the dorms is “Middle Earth.” Lord of the Rings reference, check.

Now the best part of the entire campus is, of course, the food. Not only is there a huge selection of food on campus, from Wahoos, Wendy’s, Subway, and obviously Starbucks, there’s a sushi place that delivers into the late hours of the night, right to your dorm. Who said all-nighters had to be bad? If that’s not good enough for you, the school is connected by a bridge to a small plaza right across the street, which has Taco Bell and In-N-Out. I don’t know how a place can have so many mini heavens in one spot, but from UCI’s technical scores, to the campus, to the entire community it’s surrounded by, it is definitely worth a look for any graduating high school student.



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