Recently, I took a field trip to UCLA with a club that I have been apart of in my school. The buildings of UCLA were gorgeous- with an antique, vintage outer architecture and a European-renaissance interior design. My group and I were toured by a Junior at UCLA, who was extremely informative and beneficial.


While touring, we also learned about the traditions of UCLA. One, being a fountain tradition where at SPOP (a Freshmen Orientation), you dip your hand in the fountain and recite the UCLA pledge. After that one moment of intimacy with your graduating class, you are forbidden to touch the waters of the fountain until you graduate in your senior year. If you break the traditions and do touch the waters, another quarter will be added to your time in college, and a whooping sum to your tuition too.

So, the UCLA campus was beautiful, the weather of Southern California is beautiful, and despite the fact that the UCLA campus is the smallest of the UC schools, all the architecture, people, and food make up for it.


My mini lunch while on the tour: A chilly cup of cappuccino and some pasta salad.

I know college applications for the common app and other colleges have ended, but for those of you suggesting what to do and where to start, I would highly recommend checking out the campuses you have in consideration or just for fun too! I was lost with college and the future and because of this tour, my mind was cleared.  I am able to decide, and I know where to start for the future that lies ahead of me.

Till next time!


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