A clean beach in Southern California? What?!

Hello lovelies! (: Ever heard of Newport Beach? I know what you’re thinking, “Hello… It’s winter, why would I want to go to the beach?” I know it may seem crazy, but I love going to the beach, no matter what season it is. Going to the beach doesn’t mean that you have to be in the ocean, like they always are in the movies. There are many different activities you can do at Newport Beach!


Do you like taking pictures? Yes? Well, my mom does too. Maybe you’re like her. You don’t like going to the beach to get dirty, but you like posing and smiling into the camera. Newport beach has the best scenery. Palm trees like no other. The ocean is gorgeous, and the beach is clean, unlike some other beaches.

Need a place to go on a date? Why not take a romantic stroll on the shore? Not into walking near the water and having your feet touch the sand? How about eating at a restaurant, while looking down and enjoying the view with your soul mate? I know it’s cheesy, but trust me, having a date at Newport Beach will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for having a date. Come on guys, if you want to impress a girl, you’ve got to take her out to Newport Beach. She’ll love it.

Don’t have a special someone? That’s okay. You can do other activities by yourself. Maybe you want to get away from your family. Exams stressing you out? Come take a stroll on the beach. Like to stay fit? You can run along the paths, or even the sand, anything to make your body nice, am I right? Not into running? Then how about a bike ride? You should definitely try walking your dogs here too. I guarantee you that they’ll love it.

Have kids? They’ll love it here. They can build sand castles, find sea shells, play in the water, and so much more. Their imagination is the limit. As a family you guys can have a cute little picnic and have fun all day.

Oh, there’s so many activities. Do you love surfing and sailing? Why not try Newport beach? Don’t knock it until you try it!

There’s so many things that I love about Newport beach. I’m not much of a sand person, but good thing there’s rocks! Every time that I go here, I love climbing the rocks with my brother. It’s as if we’re on an adventure. It’s just spectacular.

There’s one thing that I really love about Newport Beach. As you’re walking along the cement bath, you can find a staircase. Where do they lead you? Oh. Into the ocean. Literally. It’s so cool, I have never seen something so fascinating. When I first saw it, I was so shocked.


There’s also this cute little area. If you don’t really like the sun, but you really like the scenery, you can just hang out here, in the shade. Maybe you like drawing? You can sit here, pop your headphones on, and just let your pen glide across the paper. Or take more pictures.

10735743_900714803286545_686135750_n 10872545_900714766619882_1044568267_n

Newport beach is a place that brings people together. You can meet new people or meet up with people that you enjoy talking to. Newport beach is definitely a place that I recommend you to visit. I love it, my family loves it, and I know that you will too. Please leave a comment or if you ever go to Newport beach and post it on instagram, please tag us @undrgrnd_oc

Have a nice day! Live on.

Hannah xx


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