Corona Del Mar

Hello Humans!

Though winter is here and i’m very ready for Christmas, weather in California is fortunately (or unfortunately) still for enough to go out and have fun, even at a beach! One of the prettiest beaches on the west coast is Corona Del Mar, located in Newport Beach. This beautiful coastline is home to not only many beautiful homes, but many activities and restaurants for you to try out! The smooth sand and long roads surrounding the beach make it perfect for a long peaceful bike ride, as there are even bikes for rent sold right on the beach! Next to the beach are a few gardens that you can visit, one being Roger’s gardens, a beautiful place to buy flowers of all kinds. There’s are gorgeous fountains in the middle of the garden, keeping a gravitational pull as you gaze upon such pretty plant life.

Now of course the best part of any place is the food. Being a popular yet peaceful beach, there are many fine dining restaurants to eat at (at least as fine dining as beaches get). These restaurants run from the Port Restaurant and Bar  to Tommy Bahama’s Island Grille to the Mayur Cuisine of India for a wide variety of foods to enjoy. I personal love a classic burger and fries place, and with many shops lining the coastal streets, you can find that perfect burger and many souvenir shops on the way!

Wherever you may decide to go on vacation this year, even if it is a staycataion, I hope you enjoy your holidays and spend quality time with the people you love! Until next time Lovelies!

– Sebastian


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