Costa Azul

If you are looking for some authentic Latin American food, stop by the restaurant Costa Azul located in Santa Ana, CA. My family and I first dined at the restaurant last week when my mom was having one of her sudden cravings for Hispanic food.

When my family and I walked through the door, all eyes were on us because we were the only Asians in the restaurant.  When your family is the only Asian family in a Latin American restaurant, then you know that some bomb food is waiting to be served.  The choices on the menu were interesting, from a hot stone dish I have never seen nor heard of before to yummy wet burritos filled with pork, chicken, or beef.

My mom ordered their special entree, recommended to us through our server.  This dish was prepared in a black stone and held a variety of meats and seafood drenched in a spicy, sour soup.  It was a very interesting combination, but my mom, being the sour loving woman she is, enjoyed every slurp of it.  Of course, she didn’t finish it so my sister and I ate the dish with her and we even to-go’d a box home!


The “special dish” with crab, shrimp, fish, beef, chicken, and tomatoes soaked in a spicy sour soup.

My sister and I shared a massive wet burrito filled with carnitas, beans, and cheese, covered with a green verde sauce.  The verde sauce made the burrito have a tangy taste, but the savory and tender carnitas along with the flour tortilla created a taste that was blended for all of our taste buds.  I still remember the taste of the wet burrito in my mouth, especially the juicy pork combined with the creamy cheeses.



So, if you guys are craving for some Latin American food, check out this small and cozy restaurant in Santa Ana.  The interior of the restaurant is really cultural and neat too. When my family and I had dinner there, there was live music and musicians walking table to table, playing Hispanic music.  The ambiance and environment of Costa Azul is very delightful and artistic.  They have rich, exotic food too so that is definitely the major plus!


Till next time!



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