Another Top 10?!

Yeah another one. But why not!?

Hello Humans! This week we’ll be looking back at some of the best songs and music videos (in my own personal opinion) of 2014! I hope you look back and put some headphones in to enjoy this look in the past.

10.Out of the Woods-Taylor Swift

This year was all about Taylor Swift, so don’t expect this to be the only song of hers on this list. Out of the Woods, part of her 1989 album, and her first all pop album, has such a soft yet suspenseful feel to it that I feel like listening to it no matter what mood i’m in. I often find myself in deep thought listening to this one, it’s just a really good song!

9. Bang Bang

Jessie J., Nicki MInaj, and Ariana Grande! WOah! This song had some heavy hitters behind the vocals. With Jessie J. as the genius behind the lyrics, and beat, this song makes anyone want to get up and dance! When this first came out everyone was shocked as such a collaboration of powerful female vocalists had not been done in a while.

8. Boom Clap

Be ready to make some booms with all your claps for this one.( HAHAHAHAH! oK) Charlie XCX, after gaining much fame and success from her part in Fancy by Iggy Azalea,this is her first single since then and it reached the top of the charts for the first half of 2014. Made for the movie The Fault in Our Stars (in my top 10 movie list by the way!), the song really takes a typically love song topic, the sound of your heart, and turns it into a fun “teenage” sound that was perfect for the movie and our ears.

7. Shake It Off

Taylor Swift’s first single to her all new 1989 album made records when it was released. From its sales to the view on this video, everyone was talking about it. What’s not to love about dancing and just relaxing and shaking off all the negative things on your mind!? Shake it off! Shake it off!

6. 7/11

Off of Beyonce’s extended version of her record breaking album, 7/11 was a shock to many when the music video came out and such an electronic beat came with it. It was fun to see Beyonce acting so casual in the video, and it really makes you want to get with your friends and act like your weird selves, dancing and twerking to this song all the while.

5. Hey Mami- Sylvan Esso

A different vibe from the rest of my top 10, Sylvan Esso brings a very smooth electronic alternative sound with his self titled album, and Hey Mami shows off that alternative side of him very nicely. It’s a really nice song to listen to when doing homework or just relaxing, as it picks up and slows down nicely with simple lyrics that will stay in your head.

4. Anaconda

Oh my Nicki! Controversy may as well have been the title of this song. Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda is definitely a song still on people’s radar half a year later, if not for the actual music but for the music video that came with it. I put the lyric video on here as it may be a bit too explicit for some, but just type the letter A in the youtube search bar and “naconda” will surely be a suggested filler.

3. Elastic Heart

Though the video did come out in 2015, Sia’s Elastic Heart from her 2014 album 1000 Forms of Fear has such a unique sound to it that all of Sia’s songs come with. From her breakout song Chandelier, Sia has an amazing talent to come up with such strange infectious sounds and lyrics that no other could come up with. I mean who can rhyme Chandelier with anything! Let a lone in a song. Plus the music video has Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler (again)!

2. Blank Space-Taylor Swift

Taylor swift hit it out of the park with this song, though the music video really reveales the hidden Swift message in this song. Basically she’s making fun of the media attention she attracts by dating many different people, and the music video really dramatizes it to a point of humor that everyone can enjoy and appreciate. She really put thought into writing this song and it deserves all the views it’s getting.

1. Pretty Hurts

Beyonce really made history with her self titled album, coming out secretly and still topping sales and charts all over the world! Pretty Hurts is one of those songs with a really strong and beautiful message behind it, empowering women from all over to love themselves and not care what people think. Shout out to Sia for writing this song, and Beyonce just killed it with the vocals, I couldn’t think of a better person to sing this. Plus we learn Beyonce’s aspiration in life to to be happy. So be happy!

I hope you all enjoyed another trip down memory lane! Put some headphones on and listen to these all, maybe remember some more songs i didn’t mention and tell me about them in the comments. Thanks guy!


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