Restaurants of 2014 on the List

Hey guys! Today, I’m further going to reflect on the past 2014 year that recently swam by us.  But, I am going to share with you guys more……. you guessed it: Locations!  This list will include the top 5 restaurants I discovered in 2014.  Some of this may be new, some of it may be restaurants in existence even before 2014.  These are the ones I experienced and was a newbie to the past 2014 year.

1. Gen Korean Bar-B-Que in Huntington Beach

I recently ate at Gen last last weekend with my family, and ahhh Korean BBQ never fails to satisfy my taste buds and carnivorous cravings.  Yummy meat.  Bree, our artist, wrote a blog post about Gen a few months back.  You can read it here:

2. Afters in Fountain Valley

BjibLhVCcAAhUz4 (1)

Donuts and ice cream! How much more exciting can this get?  And with funky, yet delicious ice cream flavors such as cookie butter and jasmine tea, who could resist?  Afters got me going crazy for donuts and ice cream.

I wrote a blog post about this a few months back too!  Check it out here if you want to know more about Afters Ice Cream:

3. Donut Bar in Fountain Valley


Donut Bar has delicious donuts that are diabetic but non-resistible.  I especially love their Creme Brulee Donut; and the sizes of some of their donuts are enormous- almost the size of your head!  If you catch them at happy hour too, prices are a steal for $10 of a box stuffed with your choice of donuts.

4. Buffalo Wild Wings

Wings and cheaper wings on Tuesdays too!  Who can resist?  I’ve always heard my friends and others talking of going to BWW to watch some sports and eat some wings, but I’ve never personally gave into the trend.  The first time I had BWW was last year when I was with my cousins.  We ordered their spicy mango habanero wings, and boy were they HOT- both deliciously hot and hot, literally.

5. Chipotle


Yes, yes, yes.  I, unfortunately, only discovered Chipotle for the first time in 2014.  Yes, I’ve only had a 1 year relationship with Chipotle- of which will continue to grow because they have some bomb carnitas meat in their burritos and bowls.  Mmmm… Chipotle is the true definition of America’s spin on Mexican food.

Till Next time everyone!



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