Hello hello everyone!

Just 15 days into the new year, and I’ve already found my new addiction. Slapfish. Slapfish is this awesome seafood shack serving up classic favorites and exciting specials in Huntington Beach. I discovered the restaurant one night while I was craving some delicious seafood, and stumbled upon Slapfish on my way to L&L next door. On my first visit there, I ordered the fried sardine sandwich and an order of chowder fries, which is one of their specialties.

slap2 The chowder fries are perhaps the best topped fries I have ever had. The people at Slapfish thought up the genius idea of serving freshly made french fries topped with delectable clam chowder. Although they are listed as an appetizer, the chowder fries were surprisingly filling and I loved every forkful of fries. The salty bacon and french fries compliment the creaminess of the clam chowder, and create a mouthful of amazement.


The fried sardine sandwich is also another great dish on their menu (though it might be gone since they changed their menu). CRUUUUUUUUNCH!!! That’s all you hear as you bite into the perfectly fried sardines, giving you that blast of flavor and texture.The oily, fishy sardine flavor mixes perfectly with housemade tartar sauce. Each sandwich comes with freshly fried chips, seasoned with Old Bay fish seasoning to create a unique “fish chip”. Slapfish is like a trip to the San Francisco wharf right in Huntington Beach, and I recommend all of you go if you’re craving delicious seafood in Southern California.

Andrew Doan


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