10/10 say whuuut??

Ok I know this isn’t like you can use these websites in orange county but ay (;


-Remember OMGpop.com and how they shut it down? It was one of my main procrastination areas I’d stow away to but guess what? It’s back. Except now, it’s hambycomb.com. yay!!

-Alrighttt. guess what’s an even better website? (; undrgrndoc.wordpress.com


tumblr.com (tbh, I follow accounts on instagram that show pictures of tumblr #inceptionn. <–notreally)

youtube.com (all. day. every. day. <3)

e-chords.com I’ve recently taken up guitar and it’s been really really useful. They have everything I need!

yesstyle.com I’ve never bought anything online before but if I’m going to start, it’s going to be from here. -Netflix.com Oh lord.

Viki.com Where dramaland haunts my dreams. Except they’re happy dreams.

-Animehere.com I need an anime pillow. Where I can scream into every time I find a reason to fangirl. (aka every 2 seconds)

-google.com <– My best friend. <33


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