Discovery Cube!

When I first heard about Discovery Cube in Santa Ana, I thought it would be like any other science museum for adults. However, Discovery Cube is actually a kid friendly museum. There are tons of interactive exhibits that are aimed toward a younger audience. Kids can come and press the buttons, start the contraptions, and participate in experiments. And get this, there’s an actual cube at the front of the museum!

The museum provides six to seven scavenger hunts that the kids, parents, and even young adults can participate in to win prizes. Exhibits change every month so there’s bound to be something new for when you decide to go again. The Dino exhibit is the most popular among the kids and never changes, so it’ll be there every time you want to go. The huge plastic dinosaur is actually really cool. The rib cage is opened up like a tunnel with a walkway running through for kids to run around and play.

Each corner of the museum is assigned a certain age group is equipped with age appropriate toys. If you come with multiple kids and need help monitoring, send them to the age appropriate center and you will be good to go. Your child will get the chance to learn about every day science equipment and meet other kids.

The Discovery Cube museum is a great place to take your kids for an educational trip. They’ll have fun doing all of the activities and you get a relaxing day! Check it out!

Tune in next time for more cool places in OC and what we do in class!



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