Ideal Body Types Throughout History

Hello Humans!

As some of you may know i absolutely love BuzzFeed and their wide range of videos. Although some can be controversial, most all leave you entertained or learning something about a lifestyle you may not have known about, and they have definitely given me a new perspective on many topics in the world. In one of their latest videos, they showed the ideal body type of women throughout history, and after watching it left me in awe how our society changes, not only from place to place but from time to time. As you watch the video, know all the women in the video are models who are all beautiful, and know the vocabulary used was how people in the time represented spoke.

One aspect of the video I noticed when watching was the way the women portrayed themselves, each moving the way women would show themselves in their respective time periods. Most noticeably Egypt recreating hieroglyphics, the 1920’s with it’s new found dance and lively style, Han Dynasty with artistic hand movement, it truly fascinates me how the world changes.

It truly amazes me how from thousands of years ago to now, people still have a set image they want to achieve, and if they don’t they feel less about themselves. If you take anything away from this, I hope you all know you’re all beautiful the way you are! No one should feel like less than perfect because someone else said so, we all have flaws, it’s what makes us human.

I can’t wait to see the new treads in society, hopefully something a little more “normal” and people come to the realization that any body type is a good one. Hope this made you look at history and our present day a little differently! Have a wonderful February humans!


P.S. The music is in the description, as its my new favorite song!


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