The Fountain Bowl

The unassuming exterior of the Fountain Bowl, the biggest bowling alley in Fountain Valley, hides a massive 60 lane bowling arena, with a full gaming arcade and restaurant to boot. At $8 a game, the Fountain Bowl is a steal for the hours of joy and fun it brings. Nothing is better than biting into freshly made pizza while hearing the thunderous crack of bowling balls striking pins. Though the interior of the alley is a tad tacky or old fashioned, when you’re there with your friends, the carpet and wood floors feel comforting and welcoming, unlike the cold, impersonal plastic and metallic details of modern bowling alleys. There is nothing more fun than gathering up a couple friends and heading down to the alley for a great time.

Recently, I went to the Fountain Bowl for a fundraiser for a club at FVHS, FV KIWIN’S. Every year, we host an annual fundraiser at the Fountain Bowl, bringing in business for a local business and earning money to donate to Project ELIMINATE, a project of Kiwanis to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. It was a fun night full of bowling, pizza, and friends, and the perfect way to end a week of stressful finals. Though it is quaint and local, the Fountain Bowl has an irreplaceable quality as one of the greatest local Fountain Valley businesses that brings joy to everyone.

Andrew Doan


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