Zero Drafting & Writing

Today, I am going to be taking a different approach to the main topic we write about, which would be the locations of Orange County.  I would like to have the opportunity to share with you guys greater ideas about writing that I have learned over the course of my writing career- of which have helped me immensely with the continuance of this blog alongside my other five fellow partners.  So, this is how I write, and it may be sloppy writing persay, but from what I have learned, these techniques (I guess you could say) of mine are strengths that really bring out the me in my writing.  Ah, I never really loved or had interest in writing nor the English subject ever since I was young, but this year I have had a great change in perspective mainly due to the opportunities I have been given to write more.


How I write my blog posts, essays, etc. are done with a sort of write, revise, and wing technique.  I really just pour out all my thoughts- organized and unorganized alike- onto the piece of paper or keyboard.  I bang my head on the keyboard and type and that is what happens, literally.  My mind is just blah- flat out there; and I just keep writing and writing and writing until what I have on my mind is finally a complete thought to continue on and write more or to just end the piece completely.

Write everywhere, anywhere, everything, anything. Just write.

Write everywhere, anywhere, everything, anything. Just write.

I do have to say, this is a strength of mine that I have recently discovered.  Before, I would always be consumed in writing the perfect sentence that sounded right with the perfect words- taking probably over 10 minutes on a sentence’s structure and poise- its formality and ring you hear when you read it.  But, I can’t continue writing like that.  Writing like that would take me forever!  Writing like that is totally fake!  It does not show me in me.  It is an over complicated thought process that creates sentences and paragraphs that- sure they sound nice- but are just not me.

So that is one technique of writing of mine I have learned this year: zero-drafting: the idea of just keeping on writing what is on your mind to get all those thoughts out.  This writing, I believe, is the strongest.  If you just write like so, you will see what you are capable of.  It is this type of writing that is pure- it is this type of writing that you will learn from, that you will generate these great ideas you never knew you were capable of.

Writing like this ^ is how I write, then I’d go back and revise.  But, this time I’m not going to revise because I want to let you guys see what a zero draft really is.  It is what is above with no revisions- just plain, real, unedited thoughts that were typed outta my head with my cream nail painted fingers.

See you guys soon!  Try writing a zero draft!


The Organizer


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