Mile Square Park

Hey lovelies! So today, I want to talk to you about Mile Square Park. Of course it’s a park, but I don’t think of it just as a place with trees and a playground. I think of it as a place to relieve stress, to paint or take pictures, to admire the ducks, and so much more.

So what is Mile Square Park? Well, it’s a park, in the shape of a square. Each square is a mile long. So if you’re a runner, it’d be a great idea to go running here. Or if you simply just want to get in shape, you can jog the whole thing, or walk the whole thing. There’s places where you can play volleyball, golf, tennis, soccer, etc. Whenever I drive by, I always see senior citizens doing some yoga in the morning.

This isn’t an ordinary park. Of course, it’s enormous. However, unlike any other park, you can get the best pictures taken there maybe for prom or for homecoming.

Every year, for Easter, there is an event. Mile Square park has multiple booths set up for games, face painting, and of course easter egg hunting. There’s also concerts held here, oh it’s just unbelievable.

Has finals just ended for you? Well, this place is a great place to finally let go of semester one, and say hello to semester two!

Do you like picnics? Well, there’s definitely a lot of space for all families, so it’d be a perfect place to have a barbecue. Do you have kids? There are cute little play grounds around the park where you can sit on a bench and read a nice book, while your child plays on the swings and make new friends. Maybe you want to take a stroll with your lover? This place would be perfect. The scenery is just magnificent.

I hope that you visit this place whether it’s for running, or for a date. This place is really worth your time. I hope you guys have a wonderful day, and stay safe!

Hannah xx


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