Marina and the Diamonds

Hello Humans!

Today i wanted to talk an artist that has come back with a new album that has some seriously psychedelic sounds. Of course from the title i’m talking about Marina and the Diamonds with her new album Froot. First off, if your new to her, you should know that it is just one singer, Marina, who goes by a band title name. Marina is her first name and the diamonds are all of us, her fans. (cute right!) It was 2 years after her 2010 album, Electra Heart, with chart topping singles such as PrimaDonna  and How to Be a Heartbreaker. Marina is unique in the way she takes on a persona for every album she releases, in her Electra Heart album she even got a temporary tattoo of a heart on her face, representing a youthful, playful side to her.

As for he new album Froot, so far it seems to have a much more adult vibe to her sound, having songs about life and death and the reasons why your living and what your living for. Unfortunately the entire album will not be released until April 3rd, but with her first 2 singles off of the album, we can see some very emotional and electric beats coming from the track. Froot has a very 80’s beat, i say Abba meets Lana Del Rey, and the music video was beautifully shot, definately my favorite realesed so far. Her newest single, I’m in Ruin talks about looking at a relationship and realizing you could be doing better, and that you should be doing better. The music video, much like the song, starts off slow and rises in intensity with the music, adding vibrant colors to dance with Marina.

I really hope you check our Marina and the Diamonds! She’s truly one of the best artists out there today!

Thanks for reading!



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