Five Guys Burgers and Fries


Hey hey everyone!!

This time, we’re checking out an awesome burger joint in Huntington Beach, going by the humble name of Five Guys. The plain sign hides an award winning restaurant chain that has been featured in many local articles and was even rated one of GQ’s top rated $5 burgers. Though they come with a cheap price tag, every burger is prepared to order with fresh ingredients, fully customizable by the customer. Toppings range from jalapenos to onions to barbeque sauce to basically anything you want at no additional cost, so pile it on! Five Guys also sells hot dogs and other sandwiches for those that aren’t in the mood for a burger, but the burgers are definitely the best thing on the menu after the cajun fries.


The guys at Five Guys don’t hold back when it comes to their perfectly fried, amazingly seasoned cajun fries. They dole out huge helpings of the spicy goodness, loading up a cup full of fries and dumping even more into the bag to top it off. Nothing beats the satisfying crunch of a perfect fry while your taste buds are overloaded with cajun spices. Whether you want a quick bite to eat, or a satisfying meal after a long day of school or work, Five Guys has it all.

Andrew Doan


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