More about Naomi

Today, I would like to get you guys to know me better. As 2015 rolls into the middle of February, I think it is important that you guys become closer to who you are reading about. I’m going to be writing to you guys with three more facts about me!

Fact #1)

I play tennis!  I began playing tennis in seventh grade, but recently stopped for about one year for my junior year.  I played tennis on my high school’s tennis team for a couple years, and I enjoyed it very much.  Because I have stopped for about a year, I miss being on the court dearly.  I love when I hit the tennis ball in the “hot spot” of my tennis racket, and the sound of a beautiful shot flying across the net is emitted… that feeling right there creates an adrenaline rush through my body to continue playing to the best of my ability.  I really hope that I will go back on the courts one day.

My worn out tennis shoes.... I wore these for every game my freshman year, of which I won with my doubles partner.

My worn out tennis shoes…. I wore these for every game my freshman year, of which I won with my doubles partner.

Fact #2)

I am a die-hard fan of the Jonas Brothers.  I have been obsessed with the Jonas Brothers ever since I was in fourth grade, which started among me, my cousins, and my sister.  The Jonas Brothers were the unifying force and topic of discussion for almost every family party that we all attended together.  I’ve been to their concert once when I was in fifth grade, and it was one of the most exciting moments of my life.  Although they have stopped making music together as a group, I still love them dearly and listen to their CD’s on my way to school almost every morning.  They are Burnin’ Up.

I remember watching the Jonas Brothers’ YouTube videos all the time!  They were so silly and always made me fall in love with them even more.

Fact #3)

I enjoy baking and cooking, although my recipes may not have the most award-winning tastes.  I love experimenting in the kitchen and playing with all the ingredients in the fridge or pantry.  I will take any type of cereal and mash it with peanut butter to create a cereal peanut butter mixture, that I will use to dip with my apples.  I will create a soup base out of a handful of seasonings and spices for my very own bowl of wet noodles.  Last year, I actually created a project called Star-Crossed Kitchen, where I blogged about new recipes my sister and I created of “dihybrid foods.”  I haven’t updated the project since, but the thought of returning does cross my mind every once in a while.  Find the blog below!


This is my sister and I’s recipe of a “Tarturro”- a combination of a fruit tart atop a churro base! The recipe can be found on our blog linked above!

See you guys soon!



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