Hay, it’s Valentine’s Day (;

Do you guys love watching horse movies?! Do you ever imagine yourself in place of the actors, riding one majestically?! Do you have a Valentine date planned out for you and your partner?!
You need to give this a try.

Image by Matt Rayl {Link to http://serranocreekranch.com/}

Silver Stirrup Riding Academy has two special, romantic, and unique date plans available until the 22nd.
For an hour, it’ll cost you $145 and for a half hour more, it’ll be $165.They provide professional instruction, a short trail ride though Serrano Creek Park, and a picnic table waiting for with wine (or you can bring your own drink), and chocolate covered strawberries. alsfjlasdfjkaflj fangirling over the chocolate covered strawberries. <333

Just imagine, a refreshing quiet trail with the sun shining through the Eucalyptus trees in a summer day just waiting for you.

But hurry! Space is really limited! You gotta do it for the chocolate covered Strawberries. *-*

Image by Silver Stirrup Riding Academy {Link to http://www.silverstirrupridingacademy.com/home}



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