A Date with CAN

Happy Valentine’s Day Underground OC’ers! Today, this post will be a little bit different from our usual writing.  We are doing a three-way collab about our advice and thoughts about Valentine’s Day! Let’s get to it!!!


Andrew: I think that the best place for a date needs to have good food, have beautiful scenery, and have some activities to do after eating. And of course it needs to be romantic.

Cynthia: I think the most important part in finding a good place for a successful date is making sure that the both of you are happy, so make sure you pick a place that makes you feel comfortable. It doesn’t have to be some place that’s super expensive or that other people call romantic, just enjoy yourselves and the location won’t even matter..

Naomi: Yes guys! I totally agree that food, activities, and comfortable places are important in creating a memorable Valentine’s Day date.  To add onto that, I further agree with Cynthia’s stance on finding a place that is within one’s budget.

C: Wait, so where do you guys think would be a good place for a Valentine’s Day date?

N: Hmmm… I think Downtown Disney would be a great Valentine’s Day location.  There are tons of food options including Naples (an Italian restaurant), Tortilla Jo’s (if you guys are feeling for some tacos), or Earls of Sandwich (a simple restaurant serving delicious handmade sandwiches).  Alongside, there’s Haagen Daaz or the little venders scattered throughout the area serving cinnamon rolls, churros, or kettle popcorn for dessert.  After munching and feeling full, there are various shops to walk around to window browse, or even better yet Build A Bear Workshop is a perfect place to create a teddy bear together to fulfill the Valentine’s Day spirit.  Watching live music or topping off the night with the Disney fireworks show would be a perfect way to end a date.  Who knows, maybe a flashmob proposal could even happen in front of your eyes?

A proposal amounting to over 12,000,000 views on YouTube at Downtown Disney. Very Exciting!

—– A few month’s back, Cynthia wrote a blog post about Downtown Disney.  Check out the post to learn more about D.D. if you are considering it for your date!: https://undrgrndoc.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/downtown-disney-2/

A: My favorite place for a Valentine’s Day date would probably be the Woodbridge Community Park in Irvine because there is this breathtaking man-made lake that’s perfect for taking romantic pictures and relaxing. Downtown Disney is way too crowded if you want to have a romantic night. Right next to the lake is this candy store called Sticky Fingers that sells the smoothest, most delicious shaved ice in California. It comes loaded with three different flavors and condensed milk at $5 for two, which is a steal if you ask me. To cap off the night, there’s an excellent $2 dollar movie theater right next door called Woodbridge 5. Though budget theaters usually show pretty old movies, Woodbridge 5’s selection is only around a month old, and the theater is surprisingly clean and big, perfect for cuddling up in the back of the theater.


C: Orrr you can have a picnic at the park and save your money, Andrew. You guys are both all romantic and sappy. I for one think simple dates are the most fun. It doesn’t have to be something super fancy or over the top. Spending time together is the most important thing. Going to the movies and walking around together is super cute and enjoyable. Even going to McDonald’s together is kinda cute. Movies and fast food aren’t that rare, they’re something that people enjoy doing all the time, but why should what you do with your date one day of the year define your love for each other? Plus, everyone else will be busy at some fancy restaurant so you pretty much get the movie theater to yourselves. But as long as you’re spending the day together and have a good time, a successful date can be anywhere.

N: True… true.  Simple dates can be important reminders that fun can come out of anything.  Where dates takes place do not entirely determine whether the night will be splendid.  Just simply being with another person, of whom you enjoy the company of, would and should play the bigger role in making memorable night.  Cracking jokes, eating greasy fries, and sipping on creamy milkshakes does seem pretty fun, now that I think about it.  Your Valentine is important, most definitely.

N: My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day, material wise, would be chocolate. Mmm… chocolate is my guilty pleasure and life would be oh so boring without it.  I don’t know what I would do if chocolate did not exist.  I love all types of chocolate: dark, milk, white, caramel filled, nut covered.  Yum Yum Yum.  *as I happy dance while taking a soft, creamy bite into a milk chocolate truffle*

C: I don’t really have a favorite thing about Valentine’s Day. It all seems so superficial to me. Sure the balloons and flowers are cute, and the chocolates are delicious, but people can get that any other day of the year too. They don’t have cute designs on them or anything, but it’s all the same to me.

A: I totally know where you’re coming from Cynthia. In terms of giving or getting things on Valentine’s Day, I’d rather not. It complicates the day and draws away from spending time with people you care about. My dad always tells me that you should act like it’s Valentine’s Day every day when it comes to your significant other, and that’s what I try to live by.


Hannah, one of our Social Media Butterflies, handed out chocolates and candies to the Underground OC crew for Valentine’s Day.  She crafted mason jars filled with sweets, and it was so adorable!

N: Have you guys ever had a Valentine?  I actually love the couple aspect of Valentine’s Day, aside from the PDA… uh no thank you.  I love it because through this holiday, people just spread the love and happiness.  Seeing other people happy and enjoying their lives with candies, roses, and funny cards create a positive atmosphere that is enjoyable to be in.  And who cares if you are single on Valentine’s Day!  Sure, Valentine’s Day may be more emphasized on one’s “significant other,” such as a boyfriend; but the “significant other(s)” can be your besties, siblings, or cousins.  Valentine’s Day is about spending time with people you LOVE- anybody that you LOVE.

A: Nope, never had a Valentine, mostly because of my busy schedule. Like this Valentine’s Day, for example, I’m going to be at UC Irvine competing in the Science Olympiad. If I had a significant other, I think I would neglect them and not treat them properly, so I don’t even bother. I do like the idea of spending a whole day with the people you’re closest to, because nowadays, people are always busy, and never have time to bond with each other. I’d definitely like to have a Valentine one day in the distant future.

C: Honestly, I think Valentine’s Day is overrated. I don’t mean to be a Negative Nancy and spoil it for people who enjoy Valentine’s Day or anything, but I don’t really see the importance of it in terms of caring for the people you love. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a Valentine before and I’m bitter, but this is coming from someone who can clearly see both sides of the spectrum. I’m not completely in love with the idea only because I have a Valentine and I don’t hate it either because I don’t have a Valentine anymore. There are tons of people that love and hate it. Yeah it’s a good day for people to show that they care about each other, but shouldn’t that be happening every day? Every day should be Valentine’s Day! Measuring how much you’re loved or how much you love based how what you receive and what you give on Valentine’s Day is totally bonkers. Sure it’s cute and everything, but I feel like it’s giving off the wrong vibe. People go all out on Valentine’s Day, but what about the other 364 (sometimes 365) days of the year? This is totally my opinion though, I’m only 16 right now. Things change, people change, and their ideas change. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll have a Valentine and I’ll think it’s the best day ever.

This was our (CAN’s) take on Valentine’s Day!  Thank for reading guys! Hope to see you guys soon.


(C)ynthia, (A)ndrew, (N)aomi


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