In N Out

Hello Humans!

So right around the corner is the either dreaded or desired Valentine’s Day! Now whether you have a valentine or not, there’ something that every person on Valentines Day still needs to do… Eat!!! The best place to eat (regardless of holidays) in my opinion has to be In n Out. I haven’t met a person who dislikes In N Out, unless their a vegetarian than i would stay away from this place. Scratch that, i would just get extra fries.

In N Out is an old school themed burger joint that has that 60’s vibe and neon color to it, representing a true sense of American food. The only thing on the menu is burgers, fries and, of course, milkshakes! The best part about the menu is the prices, I mean i can’t find anywhere else with better quality food for so little, it makes it hard to only get one burger!

in n out 2

The unique thing about In n Out is their location, they’ve only recently moved out of just California, and are still only located in 5 states, including Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas. The owners of the food chain are a family business, and currently only one granddaughter from the original owner is taking care of the business. Being true to its family appeal, it is closed on religious holidays and has shorter hours on Sundays. Many tourists make it a commitment to eat at In N out, especially when visiting Southern California, and i’ve seen many taking photos such as this one.

in n out

Back to Valentine’s day. In n Out is definitely my go-to comfort food for those lonely nights, and perhaps if you need a pick me up this holiday you can take some home and watch all the Netflix your heart desires! Or if you need a last minute date idea, who doesn’t love awesome food!?

Hope you have a great holiday and three day weekend guys!



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  1. I personally LOVE loooveeee In-N-Out, so seeing this blog post made me really happy and interested! I do love the fact that you pointed out that this would be ideal place to go to on Valentine’s Day to provide comfort, haha. A good old American burger, fries, and a milkshake is the perfect comfort food, especially when you’re lonely. Cute blog post Sebastian!


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