More About Hannah Bobana

Hello lovelies! How are you? c:

So I’m just about three weeks into the second semester of Junior Year. So far, so good. I thought that since I’m starting a new semester and a new year, our readers should get to know me much better!

Let’s start fresh, this is what I look like. c: I know, silly.

Do you like my tie-dye shirt? I made it. Yup, I’m pretty proud of it.

To start off, I am 3/4 Vietnamese and 1/4 French. c: I have cute little freckles, although you can’t see them in this picture.

If you were here at the beginning of Fall, then you should know that I play tennis. I’m still happily playing, and enjoying every bit of it.

That’s my tennis racket, Debbi. She’s gorgeous, except she’s really old now and sadly falling apart. :c

I play tennis for fun. I dislike competitions. I don’t like the feeling when I win nor when I lose. When I win, my opponent will be upset and claiming that I cheated to their team mates. If I lose, I feel bad because I didn’t score a point for my team. I plan on playing for as long as I can so that I can stay fit.

In tennis, we just got two new physical fitness trainers, and I’m so sore right now, but I love it. This is how I know that I’m working and I will be even more fit than what I am now.

I’m in love with animals, especially dogs.

This is Dusty. I don’t know what breed he is, but he is absolutely adorable. I could spend a whole day with animals. They’re so cute!

I also don’t have a favorite food. There’s just way too many foods to choose from. From Asian, Mexican, Italian, Indian, and much more. I’m all up for trying new foods. You guys should comment some good places that I could try out! Tell me your favorite foods! Anything. c:

Another little fun fact about me is that I love singing. I sing so much that it gets so annoying and my mom tells me to be quiet most of the time.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed reading a little bit more about me. I hope you guys have a fantastic Valentine’s Day! Bye ❤

Hannah xx


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  1. Same !!! I love singing too but my mom hates it and she says I sound like a dying whale. But who cares, it’s fun. Haha maybe one day we can collaborate and sing together and send our moms a video!


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