Dear, Plant

Hey everyone! I hope your week has been going well. I’m going to be addressing the statement below through this post, so if you guys are interested, keep on reading!

“A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.”


Hello plant! Do not die… you are life and life is not bleak.  It is filled with wonderful opportunities, so much more that you can see.  Life is not about giving up. This may partially be my fault because you are dying due to a lack of sunlight and water, of which was my job to provide for you.  Sorry about that, plant.  But now, I know you are dying and now I have given you the nutrients- food, light, words- you need. Come on… I placed you in the backyard upon the sidewalk where you can soak up the sun, and I have given you the full cup of water for your soil to soak up.  Whoops maybe I am overdoing it- your nutrients- and that is probably why you are dying.  If only you would just talk to me- Talk.  You can’t though, because you are a plant.  How does it feel plant?  To not be able to say what you are thinking. Just live man… keep fighting for it. I believe in you. You need to live so I can take you out and show my friends.  I’ll take you out to many places.

I’ll take you to Bella Terra to watch a movie, my cactus.

I’ll take you to eat some delicious meat at Gen Korean BBQ, my sunflower.

I’ll take you bowling at the Fountain Bowl, my rose.

I’ll take you to locations.  I will show you life and enjoyment.  I will show you opportunity. So don’t give up, my plant.

Keep holding on!

Just express your beauty because you, my dear friend, are a beautiful plant sewn by a seed. You have grown this far already and matured from your egg. Don’t flee nor quit.  But, if you are tired and feel like you have to go, I would understand because I was a horrible plant owner.  Sorry ’bout that, again. From now on, though, I promise I will care for you and give you all the nutrients you need to bloom away. Keep going and be prosperous. Run, plant, run.


‘Till next time!



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