Happy Lunar New Year!

Hello lovelies! So… Today is Lunar New Year. Yay! I am so excited. It’s so hard to sleep at night because I can’t contain my excitement.

For those of you who don’t know much about Lunar New Year, let me fill you in. Lunar New Year is based off of the Lunar calendar. Although it is a Lunar holiday, all Asians celebrate this day. To this day, it is so popular because of the varieties of traditions that have been passed down.

Now, let me introduce you guys to the various things that make me love this day so much.

For one, you give and receive tons of money. Money is usually put in red envelopes. Red supposedly starts off the year with good luck and fortune for those who wear and receive anything red.

Normally, this is a day for many people to show off their outfits. In vietnamese, we call them Ao Dai. It’s pronounced like “Ow y-eye”. Yay! New vietnamese word for many of you guys today. (: These dresses are absolutely stunning and come in many different styles. Usually, women are the ones who where these, but there are some made for the men too.

This is a day that’s really special to Buddhists. I love going to temples on this day. A lot of people go there for the food. However, I love seeing the monks and all the decoration at the temples. I love that everyone has been preparing all these amazing dances just for this annual event.

One of my favorite things about Lunar New Year is being able to spend quality time with my family. We always eat. Yum, food.

Also, every year, there is a Lunar New Year festival. Originally, it was held at Bolsa Grande High School, but because of the limited parking, they have moved it to OCC. It’s amazing, but I hope you have a lot of money that you’re willing to spend because having a fun time at that festival means that you’re going to spend lots of money. There’s so many things to do there. There’s face paint, several game booths, food booths, rides, music, dances, etc. I love it. I can’t wait to go again this year. You guys should give it a try too!

I hope that you’ve learned a little bit about our Lunar New Year and go to the festival! Have fun, stay safe. Feel free to comment!

Hannah xx


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  1. Wow ! Seems like you had a blast on your Chinese New Years, it’s my favorite holiday! And same, I love seeing the monks and the extravagant decorations at the temple, being at the temple puts my mind at peace and it just brings all my worries away. If you haven’t been, there’s a temple in Hacienda Heights ( like an hour away) and it’s supposedly the biggest temple in America, you should check it out ! I heard it has a really good vegetarian buffet also !


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