Spring Sports and Lamppost Pizza

Hello Humans!

Though Winter has come and gone, Spring is quickly coming upon us. What does Spring bring along with it? Spring sports season of course! Soccer, baseball, basketball, swim, all these team sports that need some team spirit to really get the players motivated. And what gets people more motivated than anything? Food! Food is the universal motivator for everything (proven fact)! Well, luckily for all you sports playing activists, Lamppost pizza is the best place to take the team and enjoy some quality time while chowing down on some yummy pizza or salad! But hopefully you pick pizza because you earned it champ!

pizza 2

With a very nostalgic arcade and about ten flat screen T.V.s located all around the pizzeria, Lamppost is fun for young and old and all walks of life. Not really into sports? Me neither! That’s why there’s the arcade! Everything from shooters to race car driving simulators to good old fashion air hockey and claw machines, Lamppost makes you feel young again. Or if you have children, actually takes them off your hands for a while!

This pizzeria is also home to many fundraisers for Barons! Having gone to the one located in Fountain Valley, many Baron sports teams go there to eat and there are even memorabilia along the wall! Almost any sports team held in Fountain Valley will most likely throw their pizza party here, as it is such a family friendly environment while still being exciting and filling for all.

pizza 3


That’s all for today you guys! Hope you check this place out, it holds a lot of memories for me and for most people I know. The pizza is amazing and they do have a rather large selection of toppings and different salads. I mean it’s pizza you guys, eat up!

Thanks for reading!



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