The Art of the Future

Hey hey hey,

This time we’re tackling one of the most popular, well-known museums in Southern California. Even though it’s not in Orange County, LACMA or Los Angeles County Museum of Arts is probably the most prominent, trendy place for people of all ages to go to for elegant artwork or a scenic place for pictures. LACMA is always crowded, so make sure to get there early, or face the wrath of “photobombers” in your pictures, like I did in the photo below.


A walk through LACMA is like a walk through history. In one room, I fight through Japan as a samurai as I gaze upon the painting of katanas. I meditate in mystic temples while surrounded by the spiritual landscapes of India. I float down the river in 1850s America as the calm canvases of lakes engulf me. Art is the legacy of the human race; from it we learn about ancient cultures from thousands of years ago, and in the future, people will learn about us.

People don’t realize how art shapes our everyday lives. Commercials, songs, even cars are art; every curve of a car, every beat of a song, every scene of a commercial is art. People who think artists are a dying breed are mistaken. Art isn’t dying; its evolving. No longer are people limited to a song or a painting. Phone apps, websites, and computer programs are the art of the 21st century. Just as every brush stroke is unique to the painter, every line of code is unique to a programmer. LACMA is one of the few museums that show case this “new art”, with exhibits that would normally not be displayed (like that giant rock above) becoming a signature part of the museum.



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