The Red Pot

Hello lovelies! How are you? Great? That’s fantastic!

So over the weekend, I went to The Red Pot for dinner as a celebration of Lunar New Year. Honestly, it was the best day of 2015 so far. The Red Pot is a hot pot buffet. What is hot pot? Well, it’s basically this savory asian soup. There are various soups, some are sour and some are really spicy. That’s not all, you get to add whatever you want into the soup so that it boils along with the soup. For example, vegetables, fish, meatballs, etc. It’s simply delicious and worth a try. Don’t worry, there’s a variety of foods to put into the soup that are vegetarian.

The Red Pot is around $20. It’s a lot of food. My mom always makes sure that I don’t eat any lunch or snacks before coming here for dinner.

The workers here are really nice, so your visit here each time will be amazing.

If you have kids that are under the age of 16, I don’t recommend you taking them here. You’d just end up wasting $20 on them because they can’t eat as much as you can.

Other than the price, I love it. This place is where my family and I can just sit and talk about our day. Sometimes, we sit there and just admire the peaceful time that we’re spending together. Sometimes we talk about upcoming events. This is my favorite restaurant. I don’t go here often because it’s pricy, but I can’t wait until the next time comes.

Please leave a comment on whether or not you like hot pot. Have a wonderful day!

Hannah xx


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