An Otherworldly Journey

Hello hello!

Now Asian food has always been prevalent in Orange County, but in the recent years, Japanese food in particular has become extremely popular. Sushi restaurants used to be rare in Orange County because of how much technique and training it takes to prepare sushi, but now there is one on almost every block. That brings us to today’s restaurant; Kappo Honda. Unlike your average, everyday sushi restaurant, Kappo Honda is more of a Japanese “tapas” place. While there are traditional dishes like teriyaki chicken, grilled fish, and noodles, the most popular dishes are finger foods like yakitori, sushi, alcohol, and specialties like sashimi nachos.


The door to Kappo Honda is reminiscent of the door to Narnia in C. S. Lewis’ beloved series. Once inside, I felt transported to a traditional bar/restaurant in Japan. The Japanese characters, wooden beams and decorations covering the windows, fans, and other items associated with Japan create the illusion of being transported thousands of miles to Japan. Once inside the restaurant, you are no longer in sleepy suburban Fountain Valley, but in bustling Tokyo, Japan.

20150220_203007 20150220_203059Every time I visit a restaurant, I treat it like a journey. The menu is my map, the chefs are my tour guides, and the food is the attraction. I try to immerse myself in the restaurant and trust in the chef to take my tastebuds on a journey I’ll never forget. Too often is food spoiled by interruptions like phones buzzing, nitpicking ingredients in a dish, or sticking to a familiar dish. By letting the chef take control, a whole new culinary journey is possible….



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