Can’t Dreams Be Goals Too?

Hey readers! Today I’m going to talk about something different again, but it will totally be worth it. I went to this amazing “feel-good” convention hosted by college students and professors. What exactly is a “feel-good convention?” Keep reading to find out more!

Yesterday, my older sister took me to her school, CSULB, and told me that there was going to be this “super awesome” show that I had to see. One of her professors gave her two tickets to the convention, and she really wanted to take me so I could get an idea of what college life would be like. Professors and students talked about how to deal with stress and how to stay on the right track in life. It was everything I expected it to be, but by the end, it wasn’t like anything I had ever experienced.

When we walked in, there were tables set up everywhere covered with self-help books, brochures about coping with stress, and pamphlets about what we can do to stay happy. There was about 200 people in the room walking around, trying to look at all the tables. Many of them looked like college students, but I saw lots of older people too.


Men in black suits ushered us through a small door where tons of chairs were set up in rows. As we all getting seated, a voice over the loud speaker said that the convention would start in five minutes. The whole thing lasted only an hour and a half, with several different guest speakers who talked about their experiences during college. It didn’t seem that special, but then the last speaker turned the whole thing around.

She walked onto the stage and started by asking the audience who has a dream. Only a couple people in the front raised their hands which made her give us the stink eye. After a minute of staring, every one else raised their hands and then she told us to put our hands down. The men in black suits came back and handed a white piece of paper and pen to everyone in the room. She told us to write down every dream and goal we had for five minutes.

IMG_6103 (1)

Then, she told us to make a mark next to all the ones that we thought were dreams, and only dreams. Most of mine turned out to be dreams, leaving only a handful as goals. The lady then asked us what the difference between a dream and a goal is. A man raised his hand and said that dreams only require your imagination, while goals require hard work. She said that what he said was correct, but that there’s more to it. Dreams aren’t only your imagination. It can be anything from what you’re thinking about to your deepest wants. The woman said that she wanted all of us to walk out of the room and turn every single one of the dreams we wrote down into goals and to accomplish as many of them as we can, because our feelings are worth it, and we are worth it. She told us to feel good abut ourselves, because life is too short to feel otherwise.

I hope all of you can change your dreams into goals. It will be fun, doing things you’ve always wanted to do but never thought you would. Stay strong readers, and make those dreams goals that were accomplished.



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