PizzaRev(‘in it up)!

Hi everyone! I hope your week has been going splendid. Mine sure did! I had some good eats at a pizza shop called Pizza Rev situated in Santa Ana, about 5-10 minutes away from South Coast Plaza! This pizza shop was one like no other I have ever been to. The pizza crusts were thin and light, and the variety of toppings and sauces to choose from were endless. The decor of the restaurant, too, was very “homey.” Not to mention the price of $7.99 for one pizza fit to feed one big appetite or two small ones.


The layout of ordering your pizza is not the typical Pizza Hut or Lampost pizza shop. *Sebastian wrote a post about Lampost around last week if you guys have never been there before.  Check it out here!* Think in your mind about what Subway and Chipotle have in common.  If the way you order the food came into your mind; in a station, build your own type of atmosphere, then you are on the right path of thinking. Then, take that BYO station and apply it to pizza and voila! You now have PizzaRev, a restaurant dedicated to letting the customer make his or her own pizza from bottom to top.

First, you would choose the type of crust you would want: gluten free (add $2) or not.  The first time I had PizzaRev I tried the gluten free crust and it was alright- a little rubbery but hey, that’s what you get if you can’t eat gluten or are eating light. It was tasty though; the fact that PizzaRev took into consideration individuals who can not consume gluten makes them even more awesome.

Next, you choose your sauce.  Do you want the tangy, sweet barbeque sauce? Or would you like the good ‘ol classic marinara? There are a total of four sauces for you to choose from to suit your cravings.

After choosing your sauce, you can choose the cheese you would like to have garnished over. Like the sauces, there are a variety of cheeses to choose from including buffalo mozarella, goat cheese, or ricotta.

Lastly, you add all the toppings you would like on your pizza.  There is no limit for how many toppings you would like to add.  You can add a handful of chicken and a handful of sausage on your pizza. You can add two handfuls of olives and three scoops of mushrooms.  Whatever and however many toppings you want on your pizza, it is all your choice and you can have it all.

PizzaRev's Pizza: photo courtesy of my cousin, with her HD Iphone camera. Taken when we went to PizzaRev to eat together.

PizzaRev’s Pizza: photo courtesy of my cousin, with her HD Iphone camera. Taken when we went to PizzaRev to eat together.

Alongside, if you are too lazy to make your own, you can also choose from PizzaRev’s “our way” pizzas; pre-determined pizzas made with their fresh ingredients on the spot.

Check out this PizzaRev trailer made by the PizzaRev Company.  It takes a spin on the 50 Shades of Grey book, which had become greatly popularized with the recent release of the movie.

PizzaRev really appealed to me because it was different from the average pizza shops that I have been to countless times. Not to mention, the dough and pizza itself is much healthier than the caloric, greasy slice most restaurants serve. I know… I know… those greasy slices are what makes pizza… pizza.  But, PizzaRev showed me different ways of eating pizza, that tastes delicious and doesn’t lose that pizza embodiment. An even better part is that PizzaRev is not restricted to only one location; there are multiple locations scattered throughout California and a couple locations in Minnesota, Texas, and Utah. For more information, check out PizzaRev’s website!

– Naomi!



  1. WOW THIS SOUNDS SO SO SO GOOD. I love thin crust pizza and I definitely want to check this place out! You really brought a clear image into mind describing the pizza there and it made me so so hungry! Cute post Naomi! (:

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