The Happiest Place On Earth

Hello Humans!

So today i wanted to talk about a place i cannot believe we haven’t spoken of yet, and if you can’t already guess from the title, I’m talking about Disneyland! For anyone living under a rock, Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California, is a wonderfully magical place filled with all the Disney characters and attractions you can dream of. It has something for the entire family, any age and anyone can and will enjoy this place! Even if Disney isn’t your favorite, it still has a ton of fun rides, shows, and parades that you can enjoy with whoever your with.

(Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse,

Disneyland holds some significance to me, as i have luckily been in southern California my whole life and been able to go multiple times, so I have so many fond memories of family and friends enjoying themselves there and forming a closer bond with them as we have such a fun and exciting experience. For those who have never been, Disneyland is basically cut up into 5 “lands” each with its own style and theme to its attractions and look. There’s Tomorrowland, which focuses on the future and the space movies of Disney, such as Star Wars and Buzz Lightyear, and has one of the most famous rides, Space Mountain. Fantansyland, which focuses on the dozens fairy tale type movies Disney has created, with classics like Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan rides. Fronteirland, which is themed off of the wild west and also slowly turns into New Orleans Square, which is based off of New Orleans, Louisiana and has rides like Pirates of the Caribbean. Adventureland, which has a jungle theme with rides from Indiana Jones to Tarzan’s Tree House. And finally Main Street USA, which is the main entrance of the park where all the shops and most characters tend to hang around and take pictures. It’s a lot and there’s even more, but if you get lost just take a look at the map below.


(Map of Disneyland)

Hopefully you guys will be able to make a trip to visit Disneyland soon, it really is a wonderful place to just walk around and enjoy yourself by bringing out your inner child and having fun!

’till next time!



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